Broadcast on Thursday, February 6, 2014
00:00 Introduction
01:10 Agenda
01:45 Displaying 2014 & 2015 Budget for Best Practices
03:00 How to build 2014 budget and 2015 forecast
05:14 Adding Base Budget detail for 2015
05:36 Running the Budget Builder
06:30 Running the 3-year comparison report
06:57 Adding assumptions for budgets and forecasts
09:08 Displaying the 3-year comparison report on your home page
11:16 Employee Accrued Compenasation
14:16 Making the Debt Detail Report available to the public
15:12 Making the MI School Data Link district-specific
17:38 QUESTION: Editing Base Budget line items after running the Budget Builder
19:02 School District Guest User Link activity graph
20:22 QUESTION: Does the MI School Data link satisfy Best Practices requirements
21:05 Getting the MDE Memorandum explaining Transparency & Best Practices requirements
22:10 Contact Us and Floating Feedback for questions

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