So I produced this thing back in 1999 for the Gothenburg Operahouse Millennia Celebration. Me + some guy I hired (and sadly don't remember by name today) and a 3 week production time using Pentium 3 based systems, incl. rendering and DVD production.

As I remember it, basically like building a space shuttle out of stuff you can find in your garage. Add to that our deadline was 15th december 1999 - incidentally my oldest son was born on the 5th. After this I didn't do 3D/video production for like 3 years. Not even kidding. :D

Modelling & animation in Softimage 3D 3.9, rendered in MentalRay, composited in Discreet Logic Effect* (or might have been Inferno*). We used targa accelerated Avid boxes for some final stuff like lens flares before the master DVD's were burned at a cost of $300 per DVD. The music was composed by Professor Anders Hultquist of Gothenburg University Academy of Music using sounds extracted out of data from Swedish Space Agency deep space radio cosmology.

With that said, it's all smoke and mirrors. Stars in 3D are planes with white dots, cloud flythrough in the end is the same square with some 'render clouds' (in PS) rotated and fading in/out a.s.o... To our defence, our computers were about as fast as a Sony Smartwatch is today. ;)

The whole thing was displayed on a 8- by 12 meter backprojection in the Opera House during the late hours of December 31'st 1999. It has never been displayed again. This was ripped from the one and only original DVD (with sound) today. (and so much for burned DVD's only lasting 5 years)

So enjoy. I know I didn't. ;)

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