This was my first attempt at using the Glidecam 4000 sled with a newly aquired Smooth Shooter arm and vest system. I found the Glidecam with a Canon XHA1 to be very heavy and eventually upgraded to the arm and vest system. It makes a great difference in being able to support the weight as well as allow for even more stable footage.

The shots are mostly on a snowy/icy path so footing was very tricky.

When I do my tests I often add Magic Bullet effects or other tweeks just to try out different things on these non critical clips. It was not an artistic choice, just killing two birds with one stone.

All the shots except for the last one are average walking speed with a few bits slowed down in post. The final shot along the roadway is running as fast as possible with the rig to see how it reacts in the most extreme cases. I'm not a runner and it was a beast to run flat out with 15 lbs of camera gear attached to my chest.

Produced by James Hooey

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