Client: Shpongle

Zebbler Studios design team:
Zebbler - concept, creative director, animation, project manager
Ktron - initial concept illustration
Joseph Wight - 3d template modeling, CAD design, fabrication assistance
Jacob Fenwick - machine whisperer, CAD design, CNC operation, materials manager, LED embed, custom software and hardware install, fabrication assistance
Blake Courtney - metal whisperer, fabrication
Doug Ruuska - CAD / CNC adviser
Charlotte McFarland - CAD assistance
Devon Bryant - project consultant, fabrication assistance
James Arthur - assistant project manager, materials advancement
Matty Welch - logistics adviser
Sean Bowes - Cinema 4d (3d) template, 3d animation
Ofer Zmora - 3d animation
Horacio Herrero - 3d animation
Barak Ziv - 3d animation
Andrew Hlynsky - 3d animation
Brody Ism - 3d animation
Tim Mearini - 3d animation
Jeff Mission - performance software/hardware adviser
Daniel Buckley - infinity mirror / LED show fabrication assistance
Julia Jerome - production assistant
Sam Orkestrom-Lang - production assistant
Andrew Bunyan - production assistant
James Stafford - production assistant
Drendan Orion - production assistant
Nora Jean McCarthy - office manager

Video documentation and editing - Zebbler
Zebbler interview by Travis Vautour
Additional video by Jacob Fenwick, Blake Courtney
Audio used in the documentation piece - How the Jellyfish Jumped Up the Mountain by Shpongle

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