Prize: Best Practice Award by Virtueel Platform & New Institute

How do we trust each other online? Do you need to see my eyes? Or do we need to touch? How do we trust as networking bodies?

In an engaging agora Tele_Trust creates new parameters for online trust. It faces us with a paradox: while in our changing social eco-system we increasingly demand transparency, we cover our bodies with personal communication-technology. The artists research emotional and social tension in our contemporary hybrid cities - between visibility, presence, privacy and trust.

Project description Tele_Trust is a performance-installation for an intimate networking body experience. It takes place in dynamic city semi-public spaces, like train station, museum, festival. Here the audience meets in an interactive DataVeil: a tangible body interface for 'scanning online trust'.

DataVeil. The DataVeil is a full body covering garment functioning as a second skin, a membrane. The audience is invited to wear the ‘DataVeil’. The veil is Gender neutral, and One size fits all. Through the flexible touch sensors woven into it's smart fabric, the wearers body is transformed into an intuitive, tangible interface.

By touching his DataVeiled body the wearer connects with other people’s smartphones. Smartphone users around can caress their screens to ‘unveil’ the DataVeil wearers face online. Together they connect about emotions and statements of trust, about the questions: Am I here with you? Who is watching who? Who is controlling who? In what identity and in whose body?

Tele_Trust creates a disruptive social system for an reflective social encounter. In an ongoing process, user generated content is added to the Tele_Trust database; collecting knowledge about ‘privacy’ and ‘trust’ in various social-geographical cultures. Stories from different cities weave together into an exchanging narrative - Everyone can wear a DataVeil.

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