"What is tradition? And what really can it mean in terms of living your life and doing something traditionally? To be traditional is to be spontaneous, you’re not doing any thinking about it. If people are brought up expressing music within the environment where you are brought up from the cradle, as a little baby, seeing something happening all the way long, right up along your teenage years then up into a young adult, by which time you’re well-versed in whatever [it is that you are playing]. It doesn’t matter what happens in your life traditionally, that will be absorbed into your system and it will be absorbed in the traditional manner as much as it possibly can be. No one is trying to become traditional; they just are whatever they are." Alan Morrisroe, musician

Every Tuesday a traditional Irish music session.
The Village Inn, Loughglynn, County Roscommon, Ireland.
Created for the Weekend Challenge: vimeo.com/groups/weekendchallenge


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