An experiment in disguising digital visual effects with analog techniques, A Flourishing Awakening presents a mythology depicting a fantastic fable of creation. Incorporating influences and inspiration from ancient creation myths, this modern folktale follows the footsteps of two Divine Creators and their journey in forging a new world. They represent the duality and balance that must be maintained in order for the universe to flourish. This dual nature echoes throughout the film as it harmonizes digital and analog. A Flourishing Awakening conveys a moral message to the audience emphasizing the importance of moderation. The fable resolves in a balancing of unbridled creative forces.


More about the storyline and aesthetics:

The aesthetics of this piece are meant to mimic the analog look of ink on parchment paper. As the wolf runs, he creates the world in his footsteps, and that is represented by the calligraphic flowers growing and ink drops splattering where he had stepped. The white panther is the second Divine Creator, and white flourishes follow in her wake, thus creating a balance.

One of the main morals of this story is that the wolf gets carried away with his power, and eventually his creations overtake him. There always must be a balance in order for the world to exist.


This was my final thesis project at Parsons School of Design, and took over a year to complete. It is mixed media; incorporating both digital and analog animation.

Sound: The sound was composed by me as well, using various royalty-free sound clips, the sources of which I credited at the end of the film.


Portfolio website:


Tools: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator.

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