Imagine a world where every family was supported, nurtured by their community, and where breastfeeding is a normal part of life. The Big Latch On encourages and supports communities in making breastfeeding a normal part of everyday life, and identifying opportunities to provide on-going support for families.

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We organise the most amazing, fun, global event, providing tools and support for a grass roots, community based celebration of families every August during World Breastfeeding Week. With the Big Latch On, we are changing the world by celebrating families and breastfeeding in each community.

We want to grow the Big Latch On until every family can walk to a location in their neighbourhood. We want to encourage more communities to host the Big Latch On and to create ongoing local resources and support for families. But there are just two very passionate people behind the global Big Latch On, Sarah and Joanne. By playing lots of different roles and using favours from friends and family, Sarah and Joanne make sure the Big Latch On happens each year. 2013 was their fourth year of volunteering to coordinate this global event, and the Big Latch On had nearly 15,000 children breastfeeding, with over 40,000 people attending, supporting, hosting and volunteering.

The Big Latch On could be so much bigger, more efficient and effective. It could support many more families and communities.

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To do this we need your support to build a non-profit and the infrastructure to sustain and grow the Big Latch On. Without your support the Big Latch On will not be able to continue. Please spread the word, consider donating, volunteering, or hosting a Big Latch On event at a location in your community.

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