❖ Partner Farmer - Pete's Greens ❖
Since the beginning of the Farmers To You, Pete Johnson has been supplying organic vegetables for the partnership. His passion for soil began as a child and he started his first farming enterprise as a young college student. People couldn't get enough of "Pete's greens" and so that became the name of his farm business.

Now Pete's Greens supplies vegetables year-round through growing in greenhouses, superior storage facilities, and lightly processed frozen products such as his popular butternut squash puree.

Learn why Pete joined the partnership and how Farmers To You helps him and Pete's Greens continue to nurture the land under his care and feed more people nutritious food.

❖ About Farmers To You ❖
Farmers To You is a partnership of families and farmers who feed and support each other. Our most urgent question is, "Who is feeding your family?"

Through weekly deliveries of fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, grains and more, Farmers To You offers a bridge between the bountiful gifts of dedicated farmers and the needs of busy families.

The food you want, from farms you trust, delivered each week, all year long.


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