Eric Cannon New Breed Kauai Purple belts 160-180 pounds ~ This is my 9th match of the day at the Icon Sports Grappling Tournament in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a submission only tournament with 4 minute rounds. If you submit your opponent you gain 2 points, if the match goes 4 minutes it's a draw and both fighters gain 1 point. If you are submitted you gain no points but can still move on to fight all the other grapplers in your division. At the end of all the matches the points are totaled and the champion matches are decided. By far the funnest tournament I've done since I was a white belt. I highly recommend this tournament to anyone that has a chance to go. Plus this was Icon Sports first tournament, I have great expectations for the next one.

Thank you to my Sensei
Kaleo and Kaeo Lopez
New Breed Kauai

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