Prepare for a unique learning experience and stretch your relationships in business and life with Ron Broussard ( Founder of, and renowned keynote speaker on Stretch Yourself) talks about APPLY WHAT YOU KNOW.

This First Call is about being applying the knowledge that you learn to create effective relationships and bring value to the relationships you maintain. Ask yourself are you using the knowledge you learn to bring value to a relationship? How is the knowledge you've learn contributing to the relationships you keep. By applying what you know in a relationship, you are bringing value to enhance a relationship not only for the relationship you keep, but the relationship you hold with yourself. This FIRST Call will help you STRETCH YOURSELF outside of what is ordinary and challenge yourself bring your knowledge and resources to be extraordinary in the relationships you want to achieve and embrace.

Ron invites you to APPLY WHAT YOU KNOW and you will achieve anything you set your heart and envision in your mind to accomplish.

If you want to learn please visit

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