Float in a bubble of peace feeling the perfection of your soul and experience a quiet mind. Peace on earth begins with peace within. Infuse the energy of tranquility penetrating every tissue, every sensation and every cord of your nerves. All the cells in your body and thoughts will be dancing on the cosmic sea of vibration. You will sail in the consciousness of serenity and learn how to place your protective bubble around you to participate in the world untouched by the negativity of others.

Each Video is based and inspired by the Sundara fawn Wisdom oracle decks that will be soon Available!

The Sundara Fawn Wisdom Oracle Oracle Deck presents down to earth explanations and guidance. Allowing anyone using them to get answers to daily issues on life.
These Wisdom cards make it accessible for the user to tap into the wisdom of their own intuition, to Reawaken your Soul and assist you to get answers to your Universal Truths.
Each Card reflect the pervasive changes in our lives helping users with guidance to get past blocks. The messages give them insights on what might be holding them back. The definitions are ‘Universal’ so will help guide the user towards the direction they need to go at that moment.
The heart and soul of self-development is within all of us. The synchronicities of your higher self and connecting to your God source makes it accessible to be able to guide your soul to what it needs, wants and desires. These cards make it simpler to use so you can get the same way to get insights and direction.

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