God's Teeth! I've 'ad enuff of this bleeding weather! 'Is Lordship is all cosy by the fire while I shovel the mountains of bills from inside the front door and the snow from the outside!

I've been running me arse off keepin' the fires going, venturing out into the forest to coppice more wood - lugging it back - choppin' it up and stacking it by the fireplaces about the castle only to start all over agin as the sods are chucking the lot into the flames as if logs grows on trees!

'Is Lordship filmed this lot from the conservatory without breaking wind and having seen me collapsed in the kitchen told me to get it up on the Internut - as I might as well do somefing useful while I wus lying there, he said.
The fire has gone out in 'is study and it's freezing so this will do.

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