LILITH BY NIGHT- One-night visual art performance festival
7 hours & 14 exclusive performances
6th of October 2007
- 7 hours of performance and 14 premieres.

Lilith by Night was given for the fifth time and this year Lilith invited 15 of the region's most influential artists to make new performance pieces exclusively for Lilith by Night.

A Night of contrast, from the minimalist to the Grand: A three- hour performance in a paper column, a study of bodily shifts, 20-minute sound performance in a pitch dark room to a political show with costume changes, music and feathers.
6 flailing women enter the room accompanied by a piano in dramatic Caravaggio light, a live mic stand and a whole block of apartments performing with songs from many floors. The audience could walk into a repetitive physical meeting, a cafe like no other and make a visit to an interactive performance in a caravan. Carmen with dumbbells on a fire ladder 20 feet above the ground ended the evening.

Artists: Elisabet Apelmo, Beata Berggren, Johanna Gustavsson, Saralunden, Mathias Kristersson, Jenny Grönvall, Kristina Matousch, Christina Erman Widerberg, Emma Pilipon, Anna S Nilsson & Kajsa Karlström, Marit Lindberg, Katarina Nitsch, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasnmussen, Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson

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