Pico, A Volcano in the Water

What would be of a Peak, if there wasn´t any base to sustain it? It is in the base that life goes. It is the base that makes it beautiful.

Pico is one of the 7 islands that live in the most peculiar place of the planet, located in the portuguese territory. A triangular micro-plate (Azores microplate) that is in the junction of 3 giant plates: American, African and Europoean. Somehow i had the chance of working for my friends (a lot of them) of territory planning, giving them an idea of the result of another important force of nature, besides the Volcanoes: The power of the oceans. In Azores, one may have an idea of this two powers working together. One (Volcanoes) constructing new land, another (the oceans) dismantling it by erosion.

Once again, i call Rodrigo leão, Ana Vieira, Ana Carolina, João Pedro Diniz e Stuart Staples, with those fantastic sounds of Solitude, A Corda (The rope) and This Light holds so many colours. I think it is perfect for the journey around island base. Enjoy it with me.

Kisses and hugs

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