This is my first stop motion video. It’s crazy how many ideas came up but couldn’t do them all. Well.. I could have but I was super tired. My idea behind this video was to use characters that looked weird and classic and bring them to life in a new way by adding my own twist and forcing myself to be creative. I’m very content with the outcome of the video through the blood sweat and tears. Yes… really blood because I stepped on an x-acto knife while making it. It was ok, I bandaged it and taped it up and continued working. It’s production video.

Speaking of production video, this video took me 2 days of straight work to make it. I made a stop motion of 16+ hrs of production work. The rest is undocumented.

I learned a lot from making this video and I will be making more in the future. I’m hoping to gather a bunch of art friends and create something bigger.

Oh yeah… Please share and thanks for viewing.

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