The year is 1984. The city is Manchester. Margaret Thatcher is in power and unemployment is on the rise. Hard times are nigh.

A foreign species is sending a soldier on a mission to Mother Earth in order to gather intelligence on human life.
But it's a job that no-one wants to do. Fortunately for the foreign species, one plucky young worker is stupid enough to volunteer.

At 12am on a hot summer's night, the volunteer arrives on Earth. Thus, his mission begins. He takes a slight detour, however, when he befriends 'The Mensheviks', a group of Mancunian laddy-lads who show him what it takes to be a lad(not a man). They christen him Charlie and take him under their wing.

Charlie The Splendid is a sci-fi fish-out-of-water comedy and a study of machismo.

Trailer edited by Brian McNulty and Callum Scott-Dyson

If you'd like to see the film I can provide a password protected link & password.

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