Surviving My Parents.... Lorne Wettstein & Helen Jackson. Sexual, Mental & Physical Abuse

sexually abused, beaten diagnosed malnourished with scurvy mentally and physically abused all whilst my parents knew and or in most cases were active participants in the abuse. Hell they had me in the hospital getting heavy doses of antipsychotics, electro shock treatment and I can tell you being starved and malnourished was awful. My parents have stolen from me and my child they are outright criminals and I have video from many people and my grand mother to add I am actually planning to edit it all into a neat little documentary called surviving my parents so far its been very therapeutic and liberating.

Though I am currently finishing up my food independence documentary so it may be another 6 months I just wanted to say something about how I feel and since I have no one to talk to about it I feel youtube is a great event for me thanks

I survived my parents and I also broke the cycle of abuse as anyone that knows me and my daughter Ava will tell you I am a great dad its the one thing I feel absolute pride in knowing and I only need to ask my daughter she is the kindest, smartest most beautiful girl anyone could ever have the privilege of knowing. Its not her loss as much as it is theirs and anyone that has not had her touch their lives.

and a special fuck you goes out to all the family that sat by while the abuse went on as they knew about it and did nothing... Carol Wettstein, Ernie Gaschler, Margaret Anne Gaschler, Joan Sherritt, Carol Wettstein, Don Sherritt, Paul Wettstein, Karl Wettstein, Lorine Wettstein, George MacLean, Lorne Wettstein and all you other Wettstein's that knew

Fuck you Lorne Wettstein and Helen Jackson FUCK YOU!

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