The Infinite Blue, A Month on the Ocean

This is episode 4 of the Lodestar Above series, a collection of videos captured during Clive Webber's 16-month hitchhiking-around-the-world sailing voyage from January 2008 to April 2009.

Episode 4 was filmed during a 5,700 kilometre passage from the Galapagos to the most remote island chain in the world; the Marquesas of French Polynesia. Join me.... for a 32-day journey into a seemingly infinite blue ocean.

Imagine being surrounded by the rawest of nature, a primordial world that has looked the same for 4 billion years.

Imagine a month in a shell of plastic 34 feet long, which rocks continually like an amusement park ride. Imagine having virtually no contact with the outside world.

Imagine the sensation of finally seeing mountains rise up from the ocean's surface ahead, smelling the pollen of flowers and trees in the air, the feeling of mud between your toes for the first time, and exploring the mysterious ruins of Polynesian cannibal warriors who arrived by canoe 1700 years ago.

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