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When you're young and you want to get somewhere in life and start looking for work, several things tend to happen. It can be very frustrating when applying for work to be rejected on the basis of not having enough "experience". But how are young people supposed to get the experience, unless someone takes a chance on them? So, we shall provide young talent with a passion for aviation a wide and varied work placement at our all inclusive production facility based in Yorkshire.

As part of their learnership, our young team members get to learn about inclusive aviation, and how aviation can be for all, regardless of colour, gender, creed or disability.

As Lewis says in the film " Things were bleak before I started here, but now I have prospects…"

He's bright, sincere and determined, and has achieved in his short lifetime more then many people twice his age. As you will see, he's clearly learnt a lot and got his elbows into almost every aspect of our work. And he's practicality rebuild a Cessna 175.

He shares with us, how there are often silly misconceptions in aviation, be it the barriers to entry to learning to fly due to cost and indeed who aviation is for, to how accessible and inclusive aviation can be for people with disabilities, to how much better it is when teams have gender equality.

His story is not unique but different, and it is told in a captivating way, and we hope it will resonate in the minds of young audiences who are interested in learning to fly, to those who have a keen interest in aerospace engineering.

We hope it will inspire some and give hope to others. That they can achieve whatever they set out to, by building their castles in the air!

Let Talent Fly!



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