Fragments – W14

Inspired by the subconscious, where irregularity, misconception and misplacement challenge our reality. This season’s collection is characterised by the intentional fragmentation, distortion and dislocation of elements.

taylor explores this theme with silhouettes that are both clean and textural, expressing an effortless attitude.

‘Fragments’ contrasts hard against soft, structure against fluidity. Panels that would normally feature in traditional tailoring are split and garment shapes are angular, but then left to fall however they please. Textured wool and silk are used in all their forms.

The collection plays with dimensions, lengths, cuts and a hint of drapery. Softer elements appear composed and sculpted while rigid shapes are elongated and subjected to textural plays.

Fabrics are light and airy, balanced with the structural contrasting that embodies the statement pieces of the collection.

‘Fragments’ uses calm monochrome tones with an emphasis on natural textures. The cuts are kept clean and simple - feminine with boyish references.

The muted colour palette is comprised of a selection of deep blacks, darkened tones and crisp whites, freshened by a subtle infusion of powder pink and shades of violet and plum.

As with all taylor’s collections, each piece in ‘Fragments’ underlines a desire for personal expression, wearability and lasting elegant composure.

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