Quad Split replicates a multi-screen version of Video In/Audio Out VT's: 001-004.

Small digital video cameras are easily able to function at any angle and the resulting images reduced to composition and colour. This Quad Split version, combining four disparate images and soundtracks to produce a new audio visual collage, extends this idea further.

These pieces deliberately interface new and old video & sound technology. Digital & analogue audio sources are combined on a computer, then mixed back to analogue ¼” tape. The resulting mix then sent back to digital for uploading to the internet as well as being copied to U-matic* videotape for screenings.

VT:001 - STS-135 The final launch of America’s Space Shuttle program.
MC: HD Digital & Low band U-matic video, Electric guitars, Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Electric piano, Cave & Kit drums, percussion, cassette tape. Michel Webster: Cave Drums

VT:002 - Road up to the coast, Morocco.
MC: HD Digital & Low band U-matic video, Roland V drums, Yamaha ‘PortaSound’ children’s keyboard through Radio Shack ‘Realistic’ electronic reverb unit, feedback loops.

VT:003 - Poolside, Marrakesh.
MC: HD Digital & Low band U-matic video, various ¼” tape loops made from ‘Back In Blackpool’ – Reginald Dixon at the Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer.

VT:004 - Village Cricket, Ibberton, Dorset.
MC: HD Digital & Low band U-matic video, manipulated audio loops from Hi 8 & DV Cam video.

* Designed in the late sixties by Sony - the U-matic format was the forerunner to all home video formats. It uses ¾” wide tape. Used by video artists, advertising agencies and news broadcasters in the 1970’s, 80’s and into the 90’s - the format has all but disappeared now.

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