VT:002 - Road up to the coast, Morocco.

Video In/Audio Out is a series of 10 minute videotapes that can be viewed individually or as a ‘Quad Split’ – which replicates the intended multi-screen installation version of the work. These pieces deliberately interface new and old video & sound technology. Small, high quality, digital video cameras are able to easily function at any angle and the resulting images reduced to composition and colour. The Quad Split version, combining four disparate images and soundtracks to produce a collage of images & sound, extends this idea further.

The soundtracks also use a combination of old & new equipment. Digital & analogue sources are combined using computers, then mixed back to analogue ¼” tape. The resulting mix then sent back to digital for uploading to the internet.

MC: HD Digital & Low band U-matic video, Roland V drums, Yamaha ‘PortaSound’ children’s keyboard through Radio Shack ‘Realistic’ electronic reverb unit, feedback loops.

VT Shot: 19th March 2013. Final Mix to ¼” tape - January 2014.

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