original video here: youtube.com/watch?v=fgegp43fb8M

KEEP YOUR FEET ON! song: UltraBlack - Bear Trap - Excision Remix

filmed on an iphone 3gs

more tips straight off tricktrack.org:

the trick is getting the carve n'sync with your pedal position. DOTCOM

NSYNC Hahhhhha. -deathrace2000

You carve when the inside crank is going down, step off with the other leg as you grab the saddle enter the matrix, then end the trick! Duh! Tom Mosher

it's important that the pedal you're standing on is about horizontal after you carved so you can push down to complete the second half of the circle. sven

the trick is to turn your bars past 90 degrees so it rolls and doesnt slide. shnazboots

I consider all this a really important turning point in the evolution of fsfx. Tom Mosher

if you have both feet on and you pull on your seat and handle bar while back pedaling you can balance on your back wheel and it turns into a keo like thingy majig.

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