I got involved late in the grassroots Mike McGinn for Seattle Mayor campaign, when I produced a series of spontaneous videos from the 'Rally in The Valley', an event held to highlight Mike's support among various ethnic and minority communities here in South Seattle.

The videos were in Vietnamese, Spanish, and Somali and involved leaders of those various communities speaking to people in their own languages, and a sampling of the many people in the crowd speaking in English about why they were supporting Mike McGinn for Mayor ( vimeo.com/7271511 ). The videos included a hot sound track and a positive message that rallied Seattleites behind McGinn.

And then with an all volunteer campaign and no support from the mainstream media, Mike upset his cellphone company executive opponent who had largely self-financed his own campaign.

5 days into his new administration, McGinn's new City Hall hosted an open house and invited Seattleites to come celebrate, tour the offices of the mayor and city council members and to join him in building a sustainable, equitable Seattle. This video was made with my new Flip Cam. My website is at PangealityProductions.com and many of my other videos can be seen on this channel.

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