Video & sound by Grégoire Orio & Julien Magot (Appalache)
Additional voices by Marie Magot
Mixing & Mastering by Gregory Hoepffner (Almeeva)

Many thanks to Jean-Louis Orio, Romain Orio & Mehdi Messouci.

How can we stop time
How long will it take
I’ve seen faces across the wall
Reaching one million stars
Losing everything for a few minutes
Accessing eternity along the echo.

I’m still here but can’t see through that wall
I was reborn in so many ways
Each one felt different
What if that wall were just the place where time fades away forever
Where life found its way
The brightest sky drowned me here forever and ever
Echoes shaping new horizons
A wall of light moving slowly on the surface of my eyes
The wave was breaking on my chest
Sharing the impossibility for a minute
It lasted a thousand years

There’s no storm coming
Just life happening
Fantasy came springing out from the ground
Releasing whispers out of our throats
Clearing our heads as the wind made our skin shiver
In this dream called life
The fence disappeared
Allowing me to see across
The way it has to be
The echo of a glance
Dismembering bodies shaped as trees
Limbs made of grass
Bones digging roots in stone
Suddenly the sight lost its weight and became lighter
Floating in despair as time moved on.
Until the clock stops for a new beginning
The smallest breath drawing wings on a faint future
«Where do we go?»

We’re here now
Drifting in the echoes
Staring at those pieces of us
Colliding in the sky
Within that moment suspended in time
Hearts are gathering strength
Sensing the echo as long as it will last.

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