Hey guys, we each have 26 bits of information in our minds (The alphabet), what I attempt to do in this video is to instantly memorize 20 random abjects called out by my audience, but the thing is I try to remember the order, for example if you name the number 17, I would tell you what object is at that number, and a couple of other twists which I think you will enjoy. On average we can remember 4-5 sequences of information, that's why we break down phone numbers into groups of three or four numbers in the rare case that we do decide to remember a given phone number. Nowadays we just keep all our necessary information stored on our phones, we at most remember 4-5 phone numbers, of those we need to in-case of an emergency, like mom's phone number in case of the event in which you get busted for drunk driving :D.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy



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