Our next couple Moo and Ai Xin had their marriage registration 2 years ago in Perth, Australia where they are currently based and now had their actual wedding in Moo's hometown Melaka. They were both very playful so we thought that a more fun video would suit their personalities more. Moo's quite amusing and that's why Ai Xin can't stop laughing during the entire shooting. In fact, we all laughed and enjoyed the couple's playfulness. We managed to shoot some aerial footages before sunset at A' Famosa before we called it a wrap and joined the couple for their reunion dinner (how nice!). Moo's parents also had their wedding photo taken at A' Famosa, so it's only appropriate that their son would chose the same place for the shooting. We had great time shooting their wedding in the historical city of Melaka and even got to drink the Melaka's famous coconut shake at their wedding dinner! And we're still craving for it while writing this.

Lastly, we would like to thank the couple for the great hospitality they have shown during our stay in Melaka. We wish the couple happy marriage and please enjoy their SDE video (oh, we included some bloopers, at the end of the video too)!

Cinematographers: Jonathan, Jiro and Kim

Helicam Pilot: Jonathan

Website: jcstudiofilms.com
Email: ask@jcstudiofilms.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jcstudiofilms

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