Remember the movie "Avatar"? Where the indigenous resisted eviction by the tyrannic Corporation?

We're actually living out the alternative ending to Avatar where the indigenous lost. All humanity
is indigenous and we are being made homeless by a private bank cabal which owns our
puppet government.

Homelessness is mathematically certain over time as contracts based on interest are impossible
to pay for all borrowers. Even at 1% there will be loan defaults in a game of monetary "Musical Chairs".
This is why the great prophets and philosophers each warned humanity of a land conquest scheme
called USURY.

Usury is the reason why the bankers own all the land and have the largest buildings in most every town.
Through a monopoly money system they harness our own commercial energy to enslave us. Their paper
and digital money is backed by us. They need us; we don't need them. They should pay us a fee to use
our energy to back their money.

Everything is backward and this is how a tiny few come to rule planet earth. The debt masters control
a planet of debt slaves.

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