I set out to document the snow cover here, this time w/o the snowflakes on the lens and with added snow. Alas, apparently my young drone has already contracted rabies, and it immediately went out of my control, looped around and attacked my dog Pete at high speed like some demented kamikaze.

Watch Pete, center of the frame at the beginning. He's mindin' his own business when the drone goes around in a big loop and the just homes in and whacks him like an Excocet missile.

Scared the hell out of Pete, as his yip documents. His yip is considerably muffled by the fact that the camera is already buried deep in the snow by the time he can react and emit it. Took me about an our to find the camera in the deep snow, as it had bounced off of Pete and buried itself on the incoming side of his trail. My handy metal detector and I eventually tracked it down, though.

Friggin' technology. Sheesh.

Poor Pete. He's already movin' kinda slow 'cause the ice ripped back one of his toenails, nearly separating it from the toe. That's gotta hurt... Then the drone whacks him. "It's a dog's life."

Annie, Pete's sister, can take such abuse much better. Pete has the soul of a poet, whilst Annie has that of a hockey player.


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