All Shots with Panasonic 20mm at f3.2, shutter at 1/25th, 24p, Standard 0 0 0 0, manual WB 10000K.

The GH2 is hacked with Driftwood's T7 Moon high bitrate hack. And because Nick Driftwood recommends it for 24p video, the GH2 uses i.Dynamic at LOW. G6 and GH3 have intelligent settings disabled.

I found it very hard to match the cameras via their color profiles so I decided to use STD 0000 on all of them.

Converted all shots to DNxHD and cut it in After Effects and Premiere afterwards.
Sorry for the poor white balance, but I just had one LED spot that was dimmable and no proper video light. I then decided to leave it as it is and did not apply any color grading in post.

I'm going to publish a comparison at ISO 800 with some more individually optimized settings on each camera.

See a comparison of the different G6 and GH3 color profiles here:

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