How does Sitka come up with its clothing designs? A lot of bright ideas are subjected to an arduous selection process and rigorous testing. But not every idea is a good one, and in Stranded 2: The Hucklebuddy a big pitch goes a little bit awry.

A short film directed by Benjamin Schuetze for Sitka, outfitting outcasts since 2002.

Watch the prequel here -


Chris Lovick
Alex Duncan
Rene Gauthier
Ben Gulliver
Jeremy Schuetze

Directed by: Benjamin Schuetze

Director of Photography: Ben Gulliver

Produced by: Rene Gauthier and Andrew Paine

Story by: Ben Gulliver, Chris Lovick, Jeremy Schuetze and Benjamin Schuetze

Sound Recordist: Grady Lawlor

Set Design: Joel Hibbard and Irene Buck

Special Thanks: Dean Azim, Shea Pollard, Michael Schindler, Piet Suess and Henry Slaughter

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