I've had the opportunity of working with the Sony FS700 a handful of times over the last year and a half. However, those times with the camera were very limited and quick. Basically, I had to hustle and capture what was needed without any real knowledge of how to properly setup the camera, what it's true capabilities are, and more. So, a couple of weeks ago when we found ourselves in need of a camera with high frame rates and great low light sensitivity for an upcoming project, I quickly turned to the FS700.

We were able to get our hands on the FS700 for a total of four days. I spent the first day and a half really getting to know the camera and experimenting before we dove into our project. Part of that involved this all natural lowlight testing shoot. After spending the evening in the studio knocking off a bunch of test shots, I decided to take it out to better understand the camera and its functions. This video was literally shot within 35-minutes as the battery was at 20% and dying quickly. Thus, we filmed as much as we could before it was lights out on the battery.

There is no real concept or point to this. Simply testing out the camera in lowlight situations and getting to know what was what. You'll notices some white balance changes as the video progresses and, other small things. Again, this was simply a test, so it's all experimenting with different settings as we moved along on this impromptu shoot. End result? I may see a replacement for my DSLRs, AND, it's not just because this camera can do 240fps, though, that is a awesome perk!

-Sony FS700
-Metabones Canon EF Mount NEX Speed Booster
-Canon 70-200mm L-Series IS f/2.8
-Canon 17-40mm L-Series f/4.0
-Canon 50mm f/1.8
-FCP Three-Way-Color & Film Convert
-ISOs range as high as 1250 and as low as 500

Jamie Commons - Lead Me Home

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