Kanye West's reaction to selling his Air Yeezy II "Red October" sneakers.

Rich dudes and fashion moguls might've spent last year fucking around with Kanye West without ever taking his fashion aspirations seriously, but when you hear stuff like this, you wonder: as much as he'd like the respect of his fashion contemporaries, does he really need it?
Yeezy cut ties with Nike late last year after creative differences and allegations that he wasn't being paid his share, but before everyone parted ways, West had one more design to unleash. The all-red Air Yeezy IIs, codenamed Red October, dropped on Nike's website without any warning a couple of days ago, but VIBE reports that despite the lack of fanfare, they sold out in 11 minutes anyway.

Now Fashionista reports that a pair of the sneakers is going for £10,000,000 on eBay. At the current exchange rate, that's $18,342,840 Australian dollars. And this isn't just some joker setting an obscene initial bid: the auctioneer started the bidding at a slightly more reasonable £200. 84 bids later and it looks like someone is pretty serious about getting those kicks.

Whether the bid is good or not is anyone's guess - find out next week when the auction's over and someone either gets real rich, or real upset - but if Kanye could sell his own sneakers for 18 mil, he could probably fund the rise of his own fashion empire.

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