It is a work inspired by water and people's stories, living around Kizaki lake of Shinano-Omachi.
produced during a residency in context of PRIMITIVE SENSE ART FESTIVAL 2013,
原始感覚美術祭 2013
Nagano, Japan, July / Aug 2013
concept & production: Andrea Hackl
The people's stories - TRANSLATION:
Keiko's Story
Part One:
Even before giving birth to my child, I had been curious about experiencing death and birth through my own body.
Part Two:
After the first period came happy and rich months. My body melted with another & the Universe. And not just my body. I've come to know that all lives are connected with the Universe. I'd come to understand that life comes through life. 350 Million years of human consciousness and memories.
There is a period in pregnancy when a mother becomes more stable. It is as well the time when the child is overcoming the change from aquatic to terrestrial life. A mother overcomes that change together with her child.
Part Three:
I was given a name meaning “stem”. The stem gives water and nutrition and is a source of life for the plant.
In my life, I've learned many ways of expression and in the process of finding my own way of expressing myself, I've gradually become conscious of the meaning of my name.
What I've become more and more conscious about is my own role to connect something – for example: this world and another, men and women. And gradually, I've come to think that this role is more normal for women.
The stem breaks through into the visible world, connecting ground and sky, visible and invisible.
When I was carrying a child, I became more conscious about my own birth. I felt very mysterious about having this other life inside my own body.
I carried a child with a different life and consciousness within me. For the first period, I didn't always have a pleasant feeling. This new life influenced & broke open the experience of my own identity.
It was a fascinating experience – knowing my own and another life at the same time.
As well, I felt, I've become the connection itself – being the stem connecting earth and sky – rather then being a mother.
Yamamoto's Story:
Originally water is connecting something and, in my work I have to connect something.
Probably I am just a part of the land and the water. If I put it into one sentence, I'd say “I make rice.” with the subject of “I” but I am only an intermediator. So, what I can do is maybe just 1% out of 100%.
If I think of rice farming, it is nothing but joy. No suffering, only joy.
As far as rice farming is concerned, to move my body, it isn't tiring. Even cleaning the grass is pleasure.
performers: Andrea Hackl, Noboyuki Sugihara, Keikio Hayashi & daughter: Nemu Hayashi
music, whisper & throat singing: Junichi Kuzume
female voice (spoken text & singing): Keiko Hayashi
male voice (spoken text): Kouji Yamamoto

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