This Video is will teach you how to use the Compare Reports Feature which is FREE with your Livewello Gene app. This App may look different because upgrades have been added since the video was made. To get or use the App go to:

This is a fantastic tool for people with multiple family members or multiple profiles in their account.

First you Go to to select the “Start using App” icon. Then, you log in.

Select “profile" and it will bring you to your Livewello Gene App Dashboard where you have 2 of the most powerful tools in your App: Your SNP SANDBOX TOOL and YOUR SNP SANDBOX LIBRARY.

Click on "View Report"
Most people will have many profiles to compare. that’s fine. You can compare 2 reports at a time but there’s no limit to the number of reports or profiles you can compare.

First, make sure that both reports you’d like to compare, have already been generated.
This is Joshua’s Report and now I’m going to pull up TC’s report by selecting his profile and clicking “View Report”.

Now click the "compare Reports" feature at the top of the page.
You’ll get a chance to select the 2 different people who you’d be comparing their report. In this case T.C and Joshua.

This is the standard 300 SNP Livewello Variance Report we have compared. You can also compare Reports you’ve created using your SNP SandBox by simply clicking the “More” button at the top of the page.
Remember as long as a Gene/SNP is in your Raw Data, and it has a minor Allele and an rsID, your Livewello Gene App will generate your Results for it. Livewello gives you tens of thousands of SNPs in your Gene Report.

Be sure to use these other free tools that come with your Livewello App purchase:

~~ Gene Library: to view other Gene tables you might find helpful

~~ SNP Sandbox: Generates your own Gene reports on specific Genes/SNPs: Video:

~~ Health Conditions Tool: Use it to generate your Reports on Genes that Research Studies have associated with specific health conditions: ;


~~ Livewello can now generate Variance Reports for users who have run their Gene test through 23andMe,, Family Tree DNA and other international Genetics Testing Companies.

Visit Livewello Gene App's Frequently Asked Questions:
If you happen to have any further questions about using this feature don’t hesitate to email us at We work hard to respond to emails within an hour of receipt.

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