An in depth audio-visual study of the practice and lived experience of physical archaeology exploring how science reads landscape and environment. The work documents three specialised archaeologists: Jan Apel (Lithic Technology), Jan Stora (Osteology) and Hans Ahlgren (Ancient DNA) - as they excavate and analyse a cave site on the remote Swedish island of Stora Karlsö in the Baltic Sea.
The site was originally excavated in 1891 by Lars Kolmodin and Hjalmar Stolpe. The archaeologists died before their findings were made public and the data was transcribed and published posthumously by the first female Doctor of Archaeology in Sweden, Hanna Rydh.
The site is renowned in the archaeological community for the findings of the original excavation and the density and variety of artifacts found within the cultural layers of the cave which traverse thousands of years history and include evidence of prehistoric cannibalistic activity.
Using Hanna Rydh’s text from the 1891 excavation Death by Landscape traces across history the arc of two excavations, past and present, and examines archaeology comprehensively from the field, to the laboratory and in turn the archive and the museum.

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