In semiotics the sign is defined as something that stands for something else, it is considered a discrete unit of meaning: that is, a system composed of a signal and a reference which refers to the content. From this concept I developed an installation to address the three cornerstones of the interpretation of signs: LIS which conveys its meaning through a coded system of hand gestures, facial expressions and body movements.

Lack of Communication is an interactive installation was born in the 2012, during a period of Lab for the Kernel Festival 2012 . -->
It investigates the semiotic and symbolic meaning of Sign Language (LIS). Thinking about these aspects in the creation of an interactive sensory experience, I tried to realize something that demolished some of the barriers for those with hearing difficulties/deafness and lack of verbal communication skills live every days of them life.

What I was interested to do it was to inverted the position of Hearing Impaired performers with "Normal" human that, in this way , have to try to imitate the movements of performer if want to listen what is saying !
the people deaf are not handicap , but they have just a limit in the communication !!!

/// /// Between science and technology are hidden the current resources of human potential devoted to the evolution. /// ///

I'm sorry for the low quality , but it was realized with a low budget :P

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