Venerable Professor Samdhong Rrinpoche was the first ever elected Prime Minister (Kalon Tripa) of Tibetan Government in Exile. He is one of the most distinguished and eminent Buddhist Philosophers, Scientists and Politicians and a strong ambassador of the Gandhian principles of "non-violence" (Ahimsa) and "truth-insistence" (Satyagraha). Among many positions in Tibetan, Indian and International Organizations he is also Counselor at the World Peace University (USA) and at Councelor at Institution for Asian Democracy (NYC). Samdhong Rinpoche is a close confident of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In this interview he talks about why we live in a world of greed instead of in a world of need. He explains dangers of the new war zones which are not anymore about territories like in ancient times but about markets. Since markets are unlimited (in contrast to territory) also the dangers are unlimited. Many markets are produced just to keep certain industries alive or make them grow. The weapon industry as one of the most profitable industries is one of the most worrying examples. If we think about other big markets, like industrial food and pharmaceutical ... And that many markets are created to create consumers ... Samdhong Rinpoche states that the UN is failing here and is in his eyes a most undemocratic representation of countries. He asks a better education for the present and future generations which are not an indoctrination but helps to form responsible and self thinking human beings that know and have a contact to their inner wisdom. When asked about meditation he says, that meditation should not only be as for stress or health management but for cultivation of our mind and thinking. Only with the right attitude and goal and a moral basis we can develop true meditative path that leads us to our inner wisdom. That is always inside us and cannot come from outside.

99Faces interviewed Professor Samdhong Rinpoche in Berlin, Germany, where he gave a lecture and Workshop on ‘Tendrel – Mind and Reality” for students of the Tarab Institute International (Unity in Duality)

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