Concept: Sayaka Akitsu
This project is currently developed as a site-specific piece, being researched towards a theater piece.

The starting point for the creation of “Grandmother’s white hair” is the concept of respect and how it is emphasized in Japanese culture. Living with gratitude is a basic teaching that we inherit from their ancestors.

As an attempt to translate the notion of respect to the physical state, the performers create grandmother’s hair from a piece of paper and unravel it carefully in the space. The paper-made grandmother’s hair connects the audience and environment, involving dance expressions it creates a spider web visualizing a harmonic communication. Flux of time, root, and memory.

Performed by Malin Gebken, Sandrina Lindgren, Sayaka Akitsu
Filmed by Itai Cohen
Edited by Sayaka Akitsu
December 2013, Easy Sunday at Maarten Luther kerk Amsterdam

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