Music by JEAN MICHEL JARRE - Equinoxe IV
Dreyfus Records - 1982 - Album: The Concerts In China
Website official of JEAN MICHEL JARRE
Equinox is called the time of year when the Sun is located in the plane of the Earth Ecuador. That day and for an observer on the Earth Ecuador, the sun reaches the zenith. The parallel of declination of the Sun and the celestial Ecuador then coincide. The word equinox comes from Latin and means Aequinoctium "equal night."
It happens twice a year: 20 or March 21 or 23 and 22 September each year, the two poles of the earth are at the same distance from the sun, sunlight falling equally on both hemispheres. At the time that the equinoxes occur, the day has a duration equal to that of the night everywhere on Earth.

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