This course has been developed and recorded by Peter Pedersen who is a World Champion and a World Record holder in freediving.

This course provides you with 10 meditations that are simple and easy comprehensible, and by the end of this course you will have a good knowledge about meditation and how to use it.

You will be taught in chakra meditation.
There are 7 chakra that each represent different feelings and values. It can be the feeling of being grounded, even though the world is fast moving around you. It can be the feeling of love in your chest, the ability to communicate, or the feeling of happiness.
Three keywords that best describe the benefits of meditation are:

Focus, Calm and Control.

You will be safely guided through all the meditations. They last between 16 and 28 minutes.

In his quest for championships and records in the water, Peter Pedersen has explored various disciplines of yoga and meditation to create this form of meditation.

The course has proven positive effects, on those with stress, and those on the verge of stress, and it is very suitable for those who just have a common interest in meditation.
It can be used by both beginners and skilled meditators. Beginners because it is very simple and easily comprehended, and for the skilled meditators because it's very unique and different from anything else that you might have tried.

"You should not meditate to reach a goal. You should meditate to become a better and well balanced human being, since well balanced human beings will reach the highest peaks!" -- Peter Pedersen, 2013

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