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In late January 2014 The Andy Griffith Show cast member and all around great guy, LeRoy Mack performed for a packed house at the Zion Community Center near Gordo, AL. The community center is an old two room school house that now acts as the gathering place for family reunions and special events. LeRoy agreed to perform for an evening event in order to raise money for the center to be able to pay their insurance bills and whatnot.

What does that have to do with the Floyd & Otis at Zion title of this episode? We'll, I'm gladd you asked! LeRoy was joined by Ken "Otis" Junkin (who actually attended Zion when it was still a school) and Allan "Floyd" Newsome (your host) for the evening and it was a fun night, let me tell you.

I can't play LeRoy's performance because he makes a living performing and selling his music but I can give you a taste of the fun that can be had in Mayberry. We get to hear the opening act of the evening which was Floyd & Otis entertainig the crowd for twenty minutes or so. You're going get to hear what you're missing by not attending the Mayberry events held throughout the country. Make plans to attend one near'll love it.

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