Special Thanks to director to Mr. Blake Gould (1999-2010) for his 11 years anniversary celebrating in his career of his hard-work active for being best staff of Northwood Drama VAPA teacher that ever he was and this video at the day in 2010 announced that Mr. Gould's retirement of Northwood is no longer teaching which is sad day to last time to say goodbye but however we have exclusive footage in these 2 parts videos has been filmed from February 2007 Tuesday and Thursday in late Feb winter during first "Into The Woods" soundstage setlist background inside the theatre center as Mr. Gould filmed the entire Northwood Timberwolves students for their hard-work acting performances of lip syncing of their best pick favorite popular music to inspire Northwood and everyone in the fans of the world and to the best school-wide world to see as during filming Drama class as Creative Drama assignment for 6th Period for Part 1 in 2007 and Period 5 for Part 2 in 2009 for the latest videos for NOT all the songs in the original prelude segment filming on live on stage which is too full to fit in this movie set and so some footages of a many videos has picked the best popular songs which chosen music and edited matched third party release content by: Jeffrey Sunny Baek after Mr. Gould gave him a copy in 2 videos from 2007 and 2009 during Jeffrey Baek was a Northwood student that ever he was to remembering to BRING BACK on LIVE to show the world and wonderful emotional touching heart of memories of this best like MTV music feature that will never forget.
This video has brought to release uploading in original first hitting to VIMEO.com that now begin on Valentine's Day 2014 February 13, 2014, Friday night live on stage to return to relive in HD that restored completed finished music video that exactly took this footage from the original back in 2007 and 2009. Thank you for all the support Northwood. and now Ladies and Gentlemen we welcome to all of your guests, please welcome and we are now presenting "NHS Lip Syncs Greatest Hits Music Videos" in legacy hits 2014, Enjoy!!!
Filmed this location at:
NHS Performing Arts Center Theater Department in Northwood High School, Irvine, California, USA
OC Orange County area.
Also featuring the end of two bonus music video in remix in part 2 includes:
New Thriller set starting original 2007 at NHS Jeffrey Baek and 2013 film at UCSB Santa Barbara college
and Like A Fantasy remix by Andy Johns (1952-2013)
with NHS theatre and Gym wolfpack setlist
Starring: (Part 1 February 2007)
Jeffrey Sunny Baek
Kevin William Pacheco
Asad Broker
Jason Lin
Hayley Campbell
Kristin Ferguson
Hayley Patton
Sarah Dougherty
Brantzen Wong
Kirtsen Brazil
Cody Corzine
Miranda Foster
Alex Morand
Austin Burt
Riann Sachiko Simmons
Samantha Hagemeyer
Arjun D.
Denise Kan
Kosha Doshi
Harah Koo
Alicia Wei
Stephanie Ong
Steven Buriek
Theogan Iyer (aka Theo Iyer)
Emily Chein Chen
Brittney Curley
Steven Clark
Copyright2014 NHS Theater Entertainment Broadcast Live. All Rights Reserved.
No copyright infringement intended
Inspire this music videos logo to epicrecords.com Epic Records Music Video
and TIVO tivo.com

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