The 2nd Skin project showcases wearable volumes, deployable envelopes and structures that accommodate the complex geometry of the body. The aim of the project is to render the invisible territories we occupy visible, making the virtual real. Its affect is to make us aware that the space we occupy; the way we move, the way we inhabit space, is not just architectural but are already social, cultural and political in nature.

All the work in this exhibition is designed and made by first year students of the Bachelor of Environments, Virtual Environments subject during Semester 2 of 2013. Each project develops techniques of measuring and defining personal spaces through the manipulation of material systems; interfacing with the complex movement and topographic surfaces of the body. The projects are modelled digitally using 3d modelling software and fabricated from a 2d cutting template which is output directly through CNC card or laser cutter. The fabricated components are then hand folded and assembled; fusing digital technology with craft sensibility

This is a edited version of a video screened during the 2nd Skin Exhibition

2nd Skin
17th Feb – 7th March 2014
Wunderlich Gallery
University of Melbourne

Course Co-ordinator: Paul Loh
Assistant Co-ordinator: Annie Walsh
Featured Student projects: Kevin Adhitya, Bronwyn Zhao, Jin Ming Ong, Xue Jing, Cara Brogno, Shane Siy Cha, Sierra Stathis, Jackson Wylie, Anna Petrou, ArvinLourdenadin, MichaelWong, Sijing Liu, Tieu Phi Tran, Jenna Leong, Lola Giuffre, Loren Robinson, Madeleine Eyre, Allyson Paterson, Yi Zhu, Juexin Kong, Holly Tepper

Videography: James Rafferty
Editing: Annie Walsh & Paul Loh
Music: Isabel Walsh & Pete Golsby Smith

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