#DÉFILÉ is a large format audiovisual installation featuring a structure in the form of an Internet browser suspended against a building. Its first public presentation was held during Signal festival of digital arts in Prague, Czech Republic, in October 2013.

An evolving installation, #DÉFILÉ is part of a group of works in progress that depicts the state of flux in which the arrival of the internet has immersed us, resulting in major changes in our relationship to reading text, as well as our ways of communicating, reflecting and presenting ourselves socially.

#DÉFILÉ begins with a preface in the form of text, read by a digital voice as it appears on screen, and takes on a visual progression through the giant web browser and building, which are used to support the projection. Following the logic of an essay that is visual rather than written, the video that recreates the installation returns to this technique of digital collage used abundantly in #DÉFILÉ, creating a hybrid object that is both a documentation of the installation in situ and a film in itself.

More info on romaintardy.com/DEFILE-CZ

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An audiovisual installation by Romain Tardy
Music composed by Squeaky Lobster

Installation shown during SIGNAL Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, 17th to 20th of October 2013.
Production: SIGNAL Festival Prague
Coordination and project management: Nicolas Boritch x Antivj

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• Romain Tardy, artist:

Website: romaintardy.com
Twitter: twitter.com/romain_tardy
FB: facebook.com/atelierromaintardy

• Squeaky Lobster, music:

Website: squeakylobster.net
Twitter: twitter.com/squeakylobster
FB: facebook.com/squeakylobster

• Festival & production:

SIGNAL festival: signalfestival.com
Antivj: antivj.com

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