"I go wherever my creativity takes me“ says Franco-Austrian fashion designer Marina Hoermanseder. For her diploma collection she therefore did not hesitate to use discomforting inspirations such as orthopaedic devices and serious skin conditions.

„From whatever disorder people are sufferig, I think fashion can serve as a medicine and shelter, giving support and self confidence. So the original use of the corset as an orthopedic vest became the starting point for this collection. At some point I found myself on a journey to find a cure!”

So her first collection reflects her inspirational playground of sculpturing leather by moulding it to the body, twisting buckles, leather straps creating volume, a fabric made out of medical bandages and all over ruffled silk.

This fashion statement comes along with a high level of quality and handcraft. A lot of the pieces are fully studded by hand and profoundly processed. The vegetably tanned leather is hand painted and one dress consists out of more than 100 meters auf silk strips.

By adding accessories such as leather headpieces and armcuffs, she balances a striking inspiration to a high level of contemporary fashion.

Marina Hoermanseder developed her art throughout her time
at Esmod Berlin International University of Art and
mastered her handcraft at Alexander McQueen.

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