Jamil Hendi demo reel - movies

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1 - Suicide me! , 2011 - 38 min
official selection on Short Film Corner - Cannes, Roma MedFilm Fest, Valpolicello, Divan FF, APIFF Bucharest

Alex wants to kill himself. But his self-preservation instinct stops him from doing it so he decides to hire an assassin to do the job for him.

2- The last cry of the dragon (aka Road to Disneyland, alternative title)
official selection : Portobello Film Festival (Wolrd Cinema Drama award nominee), Mumbai, Bogocine, Alcine Market, Independent days 14, Clermont 29th Market

Toma was fired and has no idea how to let his wife know.The upstairs neighbor has been screaming all day so Toma pays Amza. He enters his long time neighbor's apartment expecting a mad man but he uncovers a father who wish to recover his son.

3 - Coming Soon, 19 minutes
official selection : Anonimul FF

Al is working on a trailer. However, exhausted by the fatigue, Al crashes and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he receives a letter telling him that he has only 10 minutes to live. What will happen after 10 minutes?

4- Amnesia, 26 minutes
not yet released

Igor suffered from a traumatic amnesia 2 days ago and cannot remember anything from his past. He doesn't know who he is, what he is but, most importantly, how he got the head injury that made him lose his memory.

email - hendi_jamil@yahoo.com

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