PI: Prof. David Ketcheson
Researcher: Dr. Benson Muite
This project involves modeling and simulation of classical and quantum-based shockwave propagation through elastic media. Our collaborators at Applied Math and Computational Science are working on scalable wave propagation models of phenomena such as atomic explosions, electromagnetic wave propagation, sound wave propagation through atmosphere and vibration motion of suspended bridges.
Our primary interest in this project is from the point of view of developing “on-the-fly” visualization techniques for exascale simulations. Wave equations, such as Klein-Gordon equation or Maxwell’s equations, are well understood models that can be simulated in a scalable manner, even on exascale machines.
We would like to incorporate High Performance Visualization tools, such as VTK and ParaView, into these simulations in such a way that one can generate visuals as the simulation runs on a supercomputer, as opposed to generating petabytes of data after a simulation run, and then loading the dataset into a Visualization Toolkit.
This provides an easy and efficient way to not only generate visualizations of your simulations as they are run, but also to validate your model efficiently and perhaps even make changes to your simulation on-the-fly.

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