It's been a while since we (Fabian & Martin) came around to do a proper 24" edit - our daily lives, the lack of a suitable 24" bike and last but least a rather 20" orientated period are to blame for this.
Now we got back to it as I (Martin) feel like almost having lost my roots when not being able to just go out for small evening ride with a nice and easy 24". Just when we thought we should definitely go back to this kind of riding/filming there was an oppertunity for me to work something out in the way of a new bike: the owner of the german OmenBikes-distributor ( asked me to test one of these shiny little frames in germany. Needless to say what happened next.. We enjoyed ourselved during the making of this video (which was filmed completely in Düsseldorf/Germany within 2 days) and made the best of my first days on this bike. We hope you like the outcome of this! See you in 2014.

For more information about me:
For more information about the frame: (Omen dealer)

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